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Founded in the 21st century, XXXX building materials technology co., LTD is located in lishui town, nanhai district, foshan city, covering an area of 50,000 square meters. XX is the collection production, the sale in a body building materials building materials company, its main products include two series of aluminum ceilings and aluminum curtain wall and seven series consists of the following products: hyperbolic aluminum aluminum veneer veneer, arc, perforated aluminum veneer; With excellent equipment, excellent quality and high quality service and guarantee of product quality, XX building materials products are deeply trusted by consumers throughout the country, and the products sell well in 23 provinces and cities in China.
XXXX current main products are: fluorine-carbon aluminum single sheet, modelling aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer curtain wall, wood grain aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer of the lacquer that bake, white wall aluminum veneer, perforated aluminum veneer, shaped aluminum veneer, present aluminum veneer, wavy aluminum veneer, polyester aluminum sheet and aluminum rectangular tube, wood grain aluminum rectangular tube, u-shaped aluminum rectangular tube, u-shaped groove aluminum rectangular tube, aluminum rectangular tube, aluminum tube, aluminum pipe, imitation wood grain aluminum rectangular tube, u-shaped aluminum hammer, aluminum grille, triangular aluminum grille, wood grain aluminum grille, aluminum pieces, aluminum buckle, aluminous gusset plate, etc., and production of aluminum products. Company in line with to the customer is supreme, the credibility of development, have the courage to meet market challenges, and constantly blaze new trails, in improving the quality of products and innovation in such aspects as product modelling, colour, body refinement. As an architectural decoration art concept company, we advocate modern life and create perfect art space for our customers.

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