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Price of wood-grain aluminum single board: the following price of aluminum single board is for reference only. Please contact us at 137-0308-4063 0757-85121348 for specific quotation Price of sprayed aluminium sheet: 1.5mm thick, 120 yuan/m2 2.0mm thick 145 yuan/m2 2.5mm thick 170 yuan/m2 3.0mm thick 198 yuan/m2 Price of polyester aluminum single board: 1.5mm thick 127 yuan/m2 The thickness of 2.0mm is 152 yuan/m2 2.5mm thick 177 yuan/m 3.0mm thick, 205 yuan/m2 Price of sprayed aluminium sheet: 1.5mm thick 150 yuan/m2 2.0m thick 175 yuan/m2 2.5mm thick, 195 yuan/m2 3.0mm thick, 225 yuan/m2 The above quotation for 2018-1 is the reference price; The specific price can be consulted with us - the actual price of aluminum single board is based on the price of aluminum ingot that day. Spraying aluminum single board polyester aluminum single board price fluorocarbon aluminum single board price: 020-000-0000
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